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Contrary to popular belief, the use of dentures isn’t limited to just old people. While they’re effective at replacing entire rows of missing teeth, dentures come in the form of partial, or just lower or upper, configurations to offer tooth replacement options for people who may not have the oral health needed to support other restoration options.

Why dentures?
A question frequently asked by our patients here at Crozet Dentist in Charlottesville, Virginia, is why our staff would recommend dentures over other restoration options, such as implants or crowns.
The reasons can vary, but usually dentures are a great choice if you’re missing entire rows of teeth, or if your jaw or gum health won’t support other restoration options.

How do they work?
Dentures are intended to sit on top of your gums and provide teeth that look, feel, and function just like real. You’ll likely need some sort of denture cream and sometimes an adhesive to ensure they fit correctly and don’t cause discomfort or pain. They’ll only be created after an extensive process of measuring your mouth to ensure a proper fit.

While they may not be the first option you think of when looking into replacing any missing teeth in your smile, dentures are a viable and functional procedure to take into consideration.