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There are many important events in your life, however one of the most important is probably your wedding day. Naturally, you want everything from your dress to your decorations to be perfect, but do you know what you can do to enjoy a perfect smile? Of course, while your wedding is one important day that you’ll want a beautiful smile for, it certainly isn’t the only occasion.

Fortunately, there are a number of dental treatments that you can consider. As you probably know, having your teeth whitened is one thing you can do. Still, please note that a professional teeth whitening will most likely give you the best results. You see, at-home kits can miss patches.

Furthermore, you could have a few issues that you don’t know about. For instance, did you know that gum disease can be difficult to recognize, but can react poorly the bleach used in teeth whitening. In other words, by using an at-home whitening kit, you could irritate your gums or cause a number of other issues. Fortunately, our dentist can supervise your treatment and make sure you won’t have a negative reaction to teeth whitening.

Furthermore, a professional whitening is quick and easy. Unlike at-home whitening kits—which can take weeks to work—our dentist can improve the appearance of your smile in just a few hours. Furthermore, the treatment is painless—and by visiting our dentist, you can have any other problems with your teeth addressed.

If you are interested in a teeth whitening treatment, or have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to give Crozet Dentist a call at 434-218-7072. Our dentist, Dr. Dr. Jennifer Rice and Dr. James Rice, and our team will answer any questions you have. We look forward to hearing from you soon!