A Dental Bleaching Treatment Can Whiten Teeth Without Harm

It’s a sad fact that most of the retail whitening products for sale on store shelves simply lack the potency to remove stains that have set into tooth enamel. The few potent options that are available can pose a significant threat to the health of your teeth and gums. This... Read more »

A Dental Implant Can Replace a Tooth Lost to Severe Dental Trauma

Taking a blow to the face can cause oral trauma as well as dental fractures. A modest-sized fracture in a tooth can often be repaired by a filling or a dental crown restoration. A significant dental fracture might cause damage to the root of the tooth. In most of these... Read more »

Using Dentures

Contrary to popular belief, the use of dentures isn’t limited to just old people. While they’re effective at replacing entire rows of missing teeth, dentures come in the form of partial, or just lower or upper, configurations to offer tooth replacement options for people who may not have the oral... Read more »

What are 6-month Braces?

If you’re like millions of other American adults, you likely have a smile that’s not completely straight. Now, what would you do if you were told that you can fix that smile with 6-month braces? If your first inclination is to think that’s too good to be true, you’re not... Read more »

New Year, New White Teeth

If you’re ready to do something about getting rid of those coffee stains on your teeth, or just sprucing up your smile in general, then why not start the new year off with beautiful white teeth? Luckily, our team at Crozet Dentist in Charlottesville, Virginia, has a few options to... Read more »

Align Your Teeth Quickly

This first month of any new year is filled with people making resolutions and setting goals. A lot of those goals are fitness related, but some of the best goals you can set are related to your teeth. From tooth health to their appearance, our team here at Crozet Dentist... Read more »

Using the Right Toothbrush

When you’re working on obtaining the best oral health possible, you’re likely concerned with important things like the type of toothpaste you use, flossing daily, and making sure you brush your teeth for a full two minutes twice daily. However, one thing that’s often overlooked is the need to use... Read more »

Importance of Oral Cancer Screening

We all know that regular dental checkups with your dentist here at Crozet Dentist in Charlottesville, Virginia, but there’s one particular aspect of these appointments that makes them even more critical to not miss. But is oral cancer even something to really worry about? Is it so much of a... Read more »

A Quick, Dazzling Smile

If you look in the mirror every morning and wish your smile were just a bit straighter, you’re not alone. Millions of adults want a straight, beautiful smile, but they mistakenly think the only way to achieve that is through traditional orthodontic treatment. However, that’s not the case. You can... Read more »

Avoiding Gum Disease

Millions of adults in America suffer from one of the most easily preventable diseases in the country – periodontitis. Informally known as gum disease, this condition can cause severe damage to the health of your teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth if left untreated. There are plenty of things you can... Read more »