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A hard blow to the face from a household accident or a sports injury can cause severe dental trauma. This could cause a dental fracture, a severe crack or even knock the tooth out of its socket. In a case of dental avulsion, you need to apply some quality first-aid measures, while seeking dental care at Dr. Jennifer Rice and Dr. James Rice’s clinic in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The first thing you’ll need to do is assess the severity of the trauma to the tooth and the surrounding oral tissues. The easiest way to do this is to gently rinse away any blood or other material with some lukewarm saltwater. This will help soothe injured gums and help you get a clear view of the situation.

There is a small chance that Dr. Jennifer Rice and Dr. James Rice can implant the tooth back into the socket. For this to be possible it must be whole and still alive.

You can temporarily preserve the knocked out tooth by holding it between your cheek and gums, or you can use a tooth preservation product. This is a canister filled with a specially formulated nourishing gel. You simply place the traumatized tooth in the jar and seal it. The nourishing gel will keep it alive long enough for our dentists to assess the situation and come up with a treatment plan.

Sometimes Dr. Jennifer Rice and Dr. James Rice can treat a case of dental avulsion by performing a root canal. However, if the damage is severe, they will most likely have to extract any remnants of the tooth from the socket. After your gums have healed, we can help you decide if you want to have a dental bridge or a dental implant installed to replace the missing tooth.